Dr Sonia Haggman

Sonia Haggman

Dr Sonia Haggman

BSc, BAppSc (Phty)(Hons), DCP, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sonia Haggman is a clinical psychologist who completed her clinical doctorate and PhD at the University of Sydney. Her research focused on the psychological factors that contribute to developing chronic pain. She previously worked as a physiotherapist where she investigated the co-existence of depression and lower back pain. Sonia has a long standing interest in health and has presented her work at national and international conferences over the last 10 years. As a psychologist she has worked in both the private and public sectors and her particular expertise lies in providing evidence based psychological treatment for adult clients.

Dr Sonia Haggman works with OClinic patients to help them identify where they are ‘stuck’ and discover the entrenched patterns of thinking and behaving that often contribute to difficulties losing weight. By developing healthier belief systems and using new strategies to do things differently, problems such as emotional eating, stress management, habit breaking, and low self confidence can be worked through to allow patients to achieve the best possible result following weightloss surgery.