Dr Tony Robinson

Dr Tony Robinson

Dr Tony Robinson



Dr Tony Robinson is a clinical psychologist, and works with Dr Sonia Haggman as a consultant within the OClinic team, to help patients prepare for and make the most of their bariatric surgery.

Dr Robinson is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a member of their clinical college, ASSERT, ANZAPPL and ANZATSA, and provides support for victims of crime. He is an accredited provider and supervisor within the CSOCAS scheme, and is a Director of Vitality Psychological and Consulting Services.

Dr Robinson completed his graduate and post-graduate degrees at Loyola College in Maryland (USA) where he was a member of the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society. He then became an adjunct Professor at Loyola College, lecturing in Statistics for their Masters programs.

For nine years, he worked as part of the clinical team at the psychiatric hospital, the Saint Luke Institute and established their research department.

In 1997, Dr Robinson returned to Australia to establish a multidisciplinary clinical assessment and treatment centre and was the Chief Executive Officer for 11 years.

In 2008, Dr Robinson worked in Manchester (UK), consulting with a clinical team, and helped to develop a specialist assessment and treatment service.

Over the years he has delivered over 50 papers at National and International conferences, co-lead over 100 conferences and workshops in Australia and within the Asia-Pacific Region, and has written book chapters in three books.

Dr Robinson enjoys working as part of the OClinic team of surgeons, surgical and nursing teams, doctors, dieticians, psychologists and the office management team. He enjoys seeing the support and encouragement that patients share with each other.