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Providing Bariatric Surgery in Sydney

When you are struggling with losing weight, there may be nothing more disheartening than seeing your attempted efforts not achieve the results you desire. No matter how much you diet and exercise, you find that you simply can’t get your weight down to a healthy level, and your overall wellbeing is compromised.

Rather than endlessly attempting countless futile weight loss plans, rectify the problem once and for all with effective bariatric surgery, which can help you to lose weight and maintain your size at a desirable level. A suitable option if you are unable to get rid of the excess kilos, the surgery at OClinic is here for you.

Generally referred to in hopes of long-term results, the bariatric can be more effective than other forms of weight loss surgery, as the band is entirely removable, should you wish to in the future. Accredited by leading bodies both in Australia and internationally, you can have peace of mind choosing a procedure that has been thoroughly researched.

What is the cost on our bariatric surgery?

Available at one fixed price, each of our surgery options is completely affordable and accessible, allowing all Sydney residents the opportunity to achieve their weight loss goals. With completely transparent and honest pricing processes, we do not charge any hidden fees – our original quote is all what you’ll pay. This is because we want you to be entirely comfortable with the results you achieve from bariatric and lap band surgery.

Contact us in Sydney for more information

We will consult you on the best possible methods for achieving the weight you desire, and give you a full breakdown of the cost of surgery. Completely professional and warm in our manner, our many satisfied clients pay testament to our success across the years.

Conveniently located in Wollstonecraft, near the Mater Hospital, we are a great option for local residents. Contact us in Sydney if you would like to book your lap band surgery. Please do not hesitate to call us on (02) 8197 9595 or email to discuss your upcoming surgery. We are here to help.