Dr Rosemary Atkinson | Bariatric Physician | Weight Loss Specialist Sydney

Dr Rosie Atkinson


Dr Rosemary Atkinson


Bariatric Physician

Dr Rosie is one of our two expert Bariatric Physicians at OClinic. Her role is to help prepare you for your surgical procedure, check that you are recovering normally, and provide medical support and supervision for the months and years that follow. You will see either Rosie or Tejas on almost every visit to the clinic. They are there to help and guide you through the process, keep an eye on your blood work, weight loss percentages, and trouble shoot any issues or questions you may have. Although our patients usually return once every 3 months, Rosie is always there to see you for extra check-ups anytime you need. At no extra fee. Thats the way we do things at OClinic.

Rosie studied Ecology as part of her bachelor of Science at Sydney University in the 1990′s before taking on her second university degree in Medicine, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Her interests include preventative medicine, weight management, diabetes, child health.

Dr Angela Forest is passionate about lifestyle and weight loss management. She is committed to assisting her patients in their weight loss journey and beyond, and considers every patient’s progress as a personal achievement.