Dr Tejas Kanhere Sydney | Bariatric Physician Sydney NSW

Dr Tejas Kanhere

Dr Anthony Edwards

Dr Tejas Kanhere

MBBS (Hons) University of Melbourne

Bariatric Physician

Dr Tejas Kanhere, affectionately known simply as “Tj”,  is one of our Bariatric Physicians at OClinic. You will likely see Tj on many of your pre and post op visits to the clinic, as well as during your ongoing 3-monthly checkups.

Specialising in sleeve and bypass aftercare, gastric band adjustments and postoperative progress assessments, his role is to provide personalized postoperative care to OClinic patients and motivation for all post-surgical clients. Tj has significant experience in providing friendly and thorough assessment of the patients as they journey through the process of surgical weight loss and health improvement, and  believes that a supportive and multi-disciplinary environment will help patients achieve their best results. As OClinic performs a variety of different procedures carefully chosen for each person, Tj’s invaluable knowledge of all these different procedures enables him to explain and help demystify what is happening inside them to help them control their intake and take control of their weight.

Tj graduated from the University of Medicine with honours, and is a full Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He is also a Conjoint Associate Lecturer to the University of New South Wales, tutoring medical students from 1st to final year.