Obesity Surgery North Shore Sydney | Post-Operation Instructions | Sydney

Post Op Bariatrician

The Care Plan includes post operative follow up appointments as are required:

  • They are important part of your overall success and medical journey
  • The typically take about 10-15 minutes, and
  • Appointments can be arranged via our reception

What are their frequency for Band patients?

  • we like to see our patients every month for at least 8 months if not 12,
  • then every month or 2 as required until our patient happy
  • then possibly yearly. There is no actual limit

What are their frequency for Sleeve patients?

  • we like to see our patients every 3 months then yearly
  • For the next couple of years or as required by the patient

During these check ups we review and listen for any relevant feedback. This can include topics around your progress, adverse symptoms, strategies for improvement ways to remain motivated etc. We are here to help.

We understand our patients success in some cases is a team effort at home, within the patient and the OClinic team. We seek to keep our patients motivated and clear on the tasks they need to do. We also like to help with any problem solving strategies or approaches that work best for them.

While it is a different journey for every patient we have a range of guides, tips and exercises we have developed or have seen successfully used by our patients we love to share. We also can discuss fitness and general lifestyle choices.