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Veronica Engel

Sonia Haggman

Veronica Engel

PGDip (Psych) PGDip (Prof Psych)

Clinical Psychologist

Veronica is our full time in-house psychologist at OClinic, although her role at OClinic is best described as a ‘life coach’s help you break old habits and form a better relationship with food.

She is a highly skilled psychologist who completed her degree at Macquarie University, with a Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology,  a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching, and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). Prior to working with us at OClinic, she had extensive experience within the Workers Compensation Industry. This is an industry which demands short term, solution focused strategies be the focus of treatment and that the patient be provided with insight into – why they are engaging in maladaptive behaviours, how to become more self aware, how to identify their triggers, to manage independently and how to manage relapses, with distinct  similarities to the program offered at the OClinic.

She is particularly skilled in the techniques associated with Solutions Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is warm and friendly, and will instantly put you at ease. Unlike other psychologists, she will not ask you to divulge private personal details from your past, and will not leave you a sobbing mess at the end of your consultation! Her sole aim is to help you get the best possible results after your surgery, using the latest techniques in ‘Solutions- Based therapy’ to help you break those old bad habits. We are all guilty of comfort eating, and making bad food choices. Veronica is your life coach, here to help you overcome these unwanted habits and get the most out of your surgery.