Why Am I Fat?

Why Am I Fat?

March 20th, 2015
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Dispelling the myths surrounding obesity and weight loss

Fact vs Fiction
We’re inundated with so much information and media hype about weight issues that it’s really hard to differentiate between what’s true and what’s not. Before considering weight loss surgery you might want to chew over our selection of common misconceptions and truths.

Myth: “It’s in my genes”
Obesity and a person’s ability to keep a trim figure have nothing to do with genes. The excuse of being overweight because it runs in the family is a smokescreen. The main reason for weight gain is plain and simply too much food and not enough exercise. However, some people may have genes that make them hungry and therefore at risk of obesity if they are not careful with their calorie intake.

Fact: You are what you eat
If you regularly consume calorie laden, high fat, high sugar junk food then it’s common sense that your body will respond accordingly. The term ‘Junk Food’ in the first place should set alarm bells ringing. Obesity surgery is a great help when it comes to reducing food intake and the appropriate after surgery support will ensure you replace junk for more valuable food sources.

Myth: I have a slow metabolism
There is no way to conclude that a slow metabolism is to blame for your obesity. There may be a number of other underlying health conditions or it could just be that you need to talk to the right specialists to understand and take control of your health and diet. The majority of obese people actually have a higher than normal resting metabolic rate

Fact: It’s mind over matter
Our minds play a critical role in our ability to lose and gain weight. If you constantly think you are fat, you remain fat; if you visualize a slimmer you it makes your goal much easier to reach. In the same way, once a person undergoes weight loss surgery, the mere knowledge that they have taken control helps to maintain the equilibrium necessary for success.

Myth: Eat lots of fruit and vegetables = weight loss
Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is great but you could still be eating too much. It depends what you eat WITH the fruit and veggies, and also on the amount of high carbs and calories in your favourites. For example potato carbs burn as sugar, oranges and apples are high sugar too. It’s the excess sugar which creates additional cravings, which leads to overeating. Everything in moderation.

Fact: Exercise helps to lose weight
If you undergo any kind of obesity surgery or follow any kind of diet regime and don’t increase your physical activity then there is a very real chance that you will reduce your chances of weight loss. It’s very important for your blood circulation and your organs that you increase the oxygen flow. This can only happen with exercise. Take a 10 minute power walk around the garden a few times a day to start. It’s that easy!

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